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James - Faith in Action- Moody Press Colportage Library- G. Coleman Luck
Price $1-00


The Four Gospels -Detailed Commentary-Edited by Charles John Ellicott D D
Price $9-00

Genesis to Numbers - Detailed Commentary-Edited by Charles John Ellicott D D $10-00

(Hard cover Book, map and over 500 pages of commentary, Front cover missing,

Commentary on Matthew, Mark and Luke by The Very Rev E. H. Plumptre D D;

Commentary on John By: The Ven. H. W. Watkins D.D. )

(Hard cover Book, map and over 500 pages of commentary,

Commentary on Genesis by: Very Rev. R. Payne Smith D.D., Exodus by

Rev. George Rawlinson M.A.; Leviticus by: The Rev C.D. Ginsburg L.L.D.:

Numbers by Rev C.J. Ellicott M.A.

From the above Commentary series The last three pages and back cover

of the commentary on Revelation. Headings on Pages "Excursus B: The Wild Beast,

1. The Family of Evil. 2. The Wild Beast-or Antichrist 3. The Number of the Beast $0-50

Epistle To The Galations - commentary by J.B. Lightfoot $9-00

Hardcover Book front cover missing.

Hard cover old style of Binding. Published 1866

Introduction to The Pauline Epistles. by Rev. Dr. Gloag $8-00

The Cambridge Bible For schools and colleges commentary on:

Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah edited by A.B. Davidson $3-00

Small Hardcover

Manual of Acts of Apostles
by: T.H. Stokoe, D.D. $4-00

Small Hardcover.

The Messages of The Books of the Bible - Matthew to Colossians

by G. Campbell-Morgan D.D. Hardcover $4-00

Expository Thoughts On the Gospels-Luke-and John.
By J.C.Ryle.


All published by James Clarke. Two of the volumes, volume 2 on Luke and Volume 3 on John are 1976 versions with dust covers, the dust-covers have some fading.
The others are without dust-covers.
Volume 1 on Luke is a 1956 edition, Volumes 1 and 2 on John are 1969 editions,
and Volume 1 has a biro mark on one inside cover. There is some browning mainly on the edges.

$82-00 for five books.

Other Study Books

No Uncertain Sound"
By J.C. Ryle.
Charges and Addresses by Bishop Ryle: "No Uncertain Sound", "For Doctrinal Christianity", "Liverpool and England", "Our Position and Our Dangers", "The Outlook", "Our State and Prospects", "Seest Thou These Great Buildings", "Our Diocese, Our Church, Our Times", "Hold Fast", "Brotherhoods", "The Present Crisis", "Stand Firm", "What is Wanted", "About Our Church in 1896", "Thoughts for Thinkers", "The Present Distress", "Farewell to the Diocese". Softcover.
Price $18-00.

Evangelical Theology
By A.A.Hodge.
Lectures on Doctrine.
Price $13-00.

The Works of John Owen-Volume 16.
John Owen.
Hard Cover, Old sticky tape stains inside front and back covers but otherwise in good condition .
Price $27-50.


The Sovereignty of God.
By: Arthur W. Pink
Paperback, Fair condition .
Price $5-00.



Reasons Why We Should Consider Christianity.
By: Josh McDowell and Don Stewart.
Paperback, Some browning of edges, fair condition .
Price $7-00.


Reasons Sceptics Should Consider Christianity.
By: Josh McDowell and Don Stewart.
Paperback, good condition .
Price $10-00.


The Milk of The Word.
By: Peter Barnes
An Introduction to the Christian Faith. Basic Doctrine Clearly set out Paperback, good condition .
Price $6-00.


As Above but Marked and some browning. Price $3.00.


Meaning and Mode of Baptism.
By: Jay E. Adams
Paperback, some creasing and slightly soiled but otherwise in good condition .
Price $6-00.



Abridged edition Hard cover $10-00


by Thomas Swan
Hard cover published 1850

The Meaning of the Lessons and of the Psalms $2-00

by C.M. Chavasse O.B.E., M.C. Short introductions to the lessons of

Sundays and Holy Days according to the revised Lectionary, and on the Psalms of

the Psalter. Small Hardcover.

Synonymns of The New Testament by Richard Chenevix Trench B.D. $8.00
(Small Hardcover some external deteriation but is complete)

On Teaching its ends and its means by: Henry Calderwood LL.D.,F.R.S.E. $3-00

Small Hardcover book Published 1975

1001 Illustrations For Pulpit and Platform $5-00

Covers and Title Page missing - Dr Webb

The Living Christ and The Four Gospels by R.W.Dale LL.D. $5-00


Hardcover Pre Mil..

French-Dutch / Dutch-French Dictionary by Dr F.P.H. Prick Van Wely $7-00

Other Books

New Testament Authorised Version.
Printed by The British and Foreign Bible Society in 1889. Hard cover, covers separating from spine, spine cover missing, references underlined throughout the pages.

Price $1.00

By Text and Precept By William Young, Superintendant of South West Ham Congregational Mission, Canning Town, London E.
Papreback book falling apart but apears to be complete.
Price $1.00


The Roadmender By Michael Fairless
Old softcover book. Complete.
"Here the best of us see through a mist of tears men as trees walking; it is only in the land which is very far off and yet very near that we shall have fulness of sight and see the King in His beauty; and I cannot think that any listening ears listen in vain."
Price $1.00

Soft cover

Miracles of Scriptural Knowledge By William Harper M.A., B.D.
Paperback. Complete. Some deterioration of the spine
A book on prophecy
Price $2.00


Out of print and Older version Jungle Doctor Books
By: Paul White.

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