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    Who Made all the Dinosaurs.

    Find Baby Blue on every page. Find out where dinosaurs
    came from and discover the big and little monsters God created. Learn how
    to pronounce dino names with a “how to say it guide. children will love this
    fun, interactive dino book & colouring pages!
    Ages 2-7. 24 page, full colour, gloss cover.

        Price: $9.95 each       

    How did Baby Elly Phant get such a Long Looong Nose?

    Laugh and be dismayed with baby Elly Phant as she finds out what her nose
    will do and why she was given such a looong one … and Who designed her
    nose! A cute and beautifully illustrated story for ages 2-7 to teach us
    all how clever our Creator God is! As Mumma Elephant says, “Everyone
    should know why an elephant's nose just grows and grows!” 28 page, full
    colour, gloss cover.

                        Price: $9.95 each       


Jungle Doctor Story Fables  (Animal Stories)

Jungle Doctor's Fables:-   Price: $8.95 each       10 Fables
~ Paul White
1. Monkey, Mirror and Red Paint.  6.Safe as Poison.
2.The Great Wall.               7.Keep them Flying.
3.Why God Sent Jesus.            8.The Small Wisdom of Feeding Vultures.
       4.Monkey in the Mud.            9.Monkey in the Lion's Skin.
       5.The Monkey's Who Didn't Believe in Crocodiles.  10.Little Leopards Become Big leopards.

Jungle Doctor's Monkey Tales     9 Fables
Price: $8.95 each
~ Paul White

The wisdom of monkeys is proverbially small. They never could remember not to get too near to the hind feet of zebra, nor to throw coconuts at Chewi the leopard, nor to look into the eyes of snakes. Luckily for his little... read more

Jungle Doctor's-tug-of-war:-     10 Fables
Price: $8.95 each

~ Paul White

Even by monkey standards, young Toto is pretty dim! Those baddies of the jungle, Crunch the Crocodile, Mbisi the Hyena, Slinki the Jackal, Vibi the Vulture and Gnark the crow look as though they are going to have an easy time...

Jungle Doctor's Hippo Happenings:-     8 Fables
Price: $8.95 each
~ Paul White

Boohoo the unhappy hippo was always in trouble. He had the kind of face which frightened even him when he saw it in a mirror, while the rest of him wasn't very much more beautiful! On top of all this he suffered from hay-fever,...

Jungle Doctor's Rhino Rumblings     10 Fables
Price: $8.95 each

' Rhino bored holes in the clear morning air with his large spikey horn, and a deep rumble came from inside him, "I am big, I am strong, I am important. I AM RHINO!" And so Jungle Doctor's latest all-too-human animal creation...

Jungle Doctor Meets Mongoose:-     12 Fables
Price: $8.85 each
~ Paul White

'He has an animal under his shirt and he says he won't stay in hospital unless that animal stays too' - thus we meet Hwikwi the mongoose for the first time! Mind you, it's almost the last, - the story of mongoose nearly finishes... read more

Set of Six Fable Story Books:- $42.00. :  


by Dr. Paul White
Reading Age: Teenage)
Paperbacks 11cm z 17cm 148pp
Illustrations: Graham Wade

MAASAI :-   
A sudden fear gripped Esteri. "Call the Bwana. Tell him the child's sickness is grave, and to come quickly."The Maasai chief did not hesitate. He strode outside, waded the river and mounting his bycicle, moved with great speed.
Price:$11.50 each.


New Editions of the Famous Jungle Doctor Hospital series Books by Dr. Paul White.

Jungle Doctor and the Whirlwind:   

There is a stranger in the Hospital compound-his pockets brimming with money; his clothes brighter than the sunset ..........and Maradadi is as full of trouble as a scorpion.
Price $7.00 each

Jungle Doctor on the Hop:   

The Witchdoctor's magic appears to be working. A dozen people have already died ....... What is the disease that is more powerful than an angry elephant, more terrifying than amighty Leopard, more deadly than a roaring Lion?
Price $7.00 each

Jungle Doctor Spots a Leopard::   

Fear has gripped the hearts of the villages . A killer Leopard is moving is moving closer and closer - A leopard which has only four toes on one foot. Old ex chief Madole is also missing a finger Could it be that he is using witchcraft to turn himself into a leopard, seeking revenge.. Baundi the hunter believes in the power of God – but he himself may have to become the bait if he is to save the rest.
Price $7.00 each

Jungle Doctor's Crooked Dealings::   

Tension is high as the Jungle Doctor performs some delicate and dangerous operations. The trouble maker Woga keeps making threats and there is a killer lion on the prowl. What can a little boy with a twisted face and a crooked back and a smiling dog teach them about courage?
Price $7.00 each

Jungle Doctor's Enemies::   

The Blind boy Mubofu had been secretly bringing children from hostile Chief Chikoti's Village to the Hospital for treatment – but now the boy has mysteriously disappeared.
Price $7.00 each

Jungle Doctor In Slippery Places. :   

Dr. Daudi Matama is worried. His trusted assistant has stolen many hospital supplies and is reportedly working in the blck market near the slipery shores of the forbidden Cooking Pot.
Price $7.00 each

Jungle Doctor's Africa :   

Jungle Doctor and his team have their work cut out for them as they tackle meningitis, leprosy and other illnesses. Its just that very often in Africa each new day brings joy and sadness, love and loss. But with the love of Jesus Christ there is always hope.
Price $7.00 each

Jungle Doctor on Safari. :   

Yet again the Jungle Doctor is in the thick of a battle for peoples lives. There is so much that good medicine can do to tackle injuries and disease yet local customs and superstition hold back the hospital staff at one mission hospital from saving one womans life. The doctors and nurses have to work in poor operating conditions with very limited equipment and drugs but despite everything other lives are saved! However, sometimes it seems that everything is going wrong; especially when the old hospital car continues to break down. But throughout it all the Jungle Doctor and his staff know that God answers prayer!
Price $7.00 each

Jungle Doctor Meets a Lion. :   

The smell of lion around the campfire warns the Jungle Doctor of danger and when he comes across a trail of blood his fears are confirmed. Someone has been attacked by Simba, the Lion and is in desperate need of medical treatment. While everyone in the village believes the injured man is as good as dead will the Jungle Doctor save him?
Price $7.00 each

Eyes on Jungle Doctor :   

Ngwagu who for years has lived in Utitu The Land of Darkness comes to the Jungle Hospital to see what Jungle Doctor could do for him with his instruments of iron. Truly the Bwana has strong medicine for eyes, had said his friends. But Berenge, the witchdoctor had grown rich by his own brand of strong medicine for eyes so strong that it meant almost certain blindness for his patients and he is not letting Ngwagu out of his clutches so easily. The story tells how his evil deeds at length were thwarted and how Ngwagu found light, not only for his eyes but also for his soul.
Price $7.00 each

Jungle Doctor Stings a Scorpion :   

Another thrilling adventure from Paul White based in Mvumi hospital, Tanzania. Yet again the Jungle Doctor has a battle to fight while trying to save peoples lives. Infections and disease are defeated with medicine and good hygiene but Nje the Witch doctor cooks the stings of Scorpions in his evil potions. Instead of bringing health and joy to his patients he brings sickness, fear and even death. However the time comes when the Witchdoctor urgently needs the help of the Jungle Doctor himself. Njes life depends on it..
Price $7.00 each

Jungle Doctor Pulls a Leg. :   

A sudden flash flood brings the Jungle Doctor into some serious trouble as he and a couple of the Mvumi hospital staff go to the rescue of a dangerously ill patient. In the African jungle, short journeys can become life threatening when the weather takes a turn for the worse. But its not only the weather that is against them, there are many other difficulties for the Jungle Doctor to tackle. Even small cuts can become serious infections and infections can lead to sickness, even death if not treated properly. However, this time the Jungle Doctor has help at hand with the new flying ambulance and the first radio phone to be operated at Mvumi Mission Hospital. Another thrilling adventure from Paul White based in Mvumi hospital, Tanzania.
Price $7.00 each

13 Jungle Doctor Looks for Trouble. :   

This book will take you into adventures with a missionary doctor in Tanganyika (now Tanzania). The characters experience everyday problems in a jungle sort of way - with hilarious outcomes and practical applications. The Jungle Doctor is in the thick of adventure and danger yet again. This time there is a vicious village to contend with and someone has been stabbed. But with God's help and his answers to prayer the Jungle Doctor and his medical team save lives, and not only that, they are used time and time again to share the real life saving truth of Jesus Christ.
Price $7.00 each

14 Jungle Doctor Operates. :   

The Jungle Doctor has many challenges to deal with - for example running a surgical theatre in the middle of the African Jungle. There are urgent operations to perform and life saving surgery needed - but they don't always have all the tools necessary. However, that doesn't stop them. ‘Do it yourself' could well be the motto of the Mvumi hospital. A football, some parts of a stethoscope, an ancient foot pump and an empty pickle bottle provide, for virtually nothing, an anaesthetic machine which prevents suffering and saves lives.
Price $7.00 each

15 Jungle Doctor to the Rescue. :   
There are dark and dangerous events at foot in Mvumi. The Jungle Doctor not only has to look out for the needs of his sick patients but he also has to keep an eye out for his staff. There is a poisoner on the loose and they are all in danger as Dawa, the witchdoctor has vengeance on his mind.
Price $7.00 each

16 Jungle Doctor Attacks Witchcraft. :   

The Witchdoctors and tribal superstition are causing trouble for the Jungle Doctor once again - but armed with the truth, the doctor and his staff are about to open the eyes of the local people to what is causing their problems - and it isn't curses and spells.
Price $7.00 each

17 Jungle Doctor Goes West. :   

Jungle Doctor becomes ill himself and has to rest and then recover by travelling to another part of Tanganika. Mboga, his assistant tries to be helpful but often with rather disastrous but sometimes amusing results.
Price $7.00 each

18 Jungle Doctor Sees Red. :   

As the fiery red sun sets over the dry sands of Tanzania the Jungle Doctor is once again in the middle of danger and violence. He is definitely seeing red but he is there to bring the message of peace as well as medicine... but will anyone listen? As antibiotics are dropped from the air in a pilot's pocket-handkerchief, desperate journeys end in tragedy and still others give their last strength to ensure life. These examples of sacrifice are a sad but important illustration of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Price $7.00 each

19 Jungle Doctor's Casebook. :   

Day after day disease and illness walk through the doors of the Mvumi hospital. A deaf man is cured remarkably quickly and his hearing completely restored by one visit to the Jungle Doctor. Others have more serious illnesses and take longer to heal, especially those who have been 'treated' by the witchdoctor beforehand. Abcesses, broken arms, cataracts and burns all urgently require medical assistance. Even someone who needs spectacles or false teeth can be helped by the Jungle Doctor. But each arrival is more than just another 'patient' - they are people and they all have a story - and each one goes into the Jungle Doctor's casebook.
Price $7.00 each

Set of Nineteen Hospital Story Books:- $114.00. :  

Set of Nineteen Hospital Story Books and six Fable Story Books:- $153.00. :  


Get Moving by Paul White.
Motivation for living
A book to help Christians to live for God.
Price $9.00.

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Paperback 18cm x 13cm 32pp
Individual stories with pictures from the Drama of Jesus
(by C Warne and P White) published by Hodder & Stoughton

Price:$1 .95 each
Fear turns to faith as the disciples meet their risen Lord


"The Shark's Secret and 50 Other Stories"
Compiled by R. Cameron Smith

An excellent series of short stories including Bible stories retold, stories from Christian experience and stories that illustrate Bible principles. Suitable for upper primary through to adult. Worthwhile for Sunday School prizes.

Price $ 6-00.

Please send me:-  copies of The Shark's Secret and 50 Other stories


Saved in the Icy Waters and 50 Other Stories"Saved in the Icy Waters and 50 Other Stories"
Compiled by R. Cameron Smith
"These stories have a message about Christ and Salvation, and seek to explain in a simple and clear way, how we may know the Lord and live to please Him.
Similar to "The Shark's Secret"

Suitable for upper primary through to adult. Worthwhile for Sunday School prizes. Useful for devotionals.
Price $6-00.
Please send me:-  copies of "Saved in the Icy Waters and fifty other stories"


The Chief's Daughter Abducted! and Forty Two Other Stories

These stories illustrate the Lord's grace and mercy in salvation, His help and blessing in many situations to those who trust in Him, and also give examples of the Lord's judgements upon those who sin against Him.

Suitable for family and personal reading.

Compiled by R. Cameron Smith
Price $7.00.

Please send me:-copies of "The Chief's Daughter Abducted and forty two other stories."


"Taught by a Caterpillar" Forty Two Stories For all Ages.

Stories of the effects of sin, and the neeed of salvation. Stories of God at work in the lives of people. Him.

Suitable for family and personal reading.

Compiled by R. Cameron Smith
Price $7.00.

Please send me:-copies of "Taught by a Caterpillar and other Stories. "


"Delivered from Pirates and Fifty Three Other Stories.

Suitable for family and personal reading.

Compiled by R. Cameron Smith
Price $6.00.

Please send me:-copies of "Delivered From Pirates and Fifty Three other Stories. "


"Strange Events in the Lonely Cabin and Forty Six Other Stories.

Suitable for family and personal reading.

Compiled by R. Cameron Smith
Price $6.00.

Please send me:-copies of "Strange Events in the Lonely Cabin and Forty Six Other Stories. "

"Terrified by Crows and Fifty Seven Other Stories"

Suitable for family and personal reading.

Compiled by R. Cameron Smith
Price $6.00.

Please send me:-copies of "Terrified by Crows and Fifty Seven Other Stories "

"The Ploughman and the Queen and twenty four other stories"

Suitable for family and personal reading.

Compiled by R. Cameron Smith
Price $6.00.

Please send me:-copies of "The Ploughman and the Queen and twenty four other stories "

Purchase all Eight books By Ray Cameron Smith for $40.00.

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Children of the Promise.
by Robert R. Booth

A Baptist Pastor discovers the Biblical Doctrine of Infant Baptism. Then he felt his heart sink as he began to see how Scripture challenged his long held beliefs.

Price $16-50.

Water That Divides. - Donald Bridge and David Phypers.
Two views of Baptism explored.
Price $10.80

Please send me:-copies of Water That Divides.


The Mystery of Providence.
by John Flavel
Do we ever take time to observe and meditate on the workings of the Providence of God? It should be a delight and pleasure to us to discern how God works all things in the world for his own Glory and His people's good. "O what a world of rarities" says John Flavel, "are to be found in providence.....With what profound wisdom, infinite tenderness and incessant vigilance it has managed all that concerns us from first to last".

Price $6.50
Please send me:-   Copies of "The Mystery of Providence"

The Sufficiency of Scripture.
By Noel Weeks. Addresses issues today's church wants to ignore. Combines unusually wide learning with radical criticism. Noel Weeks' contentions cannot be ignored by Christians who take seriously their commitment to the Bible as the word of God.
Price $27.00.
Please send me:-   Copies of "The Sufficiency of Scripture."


God's Workmanship
by Vernon Higham
It is common when people come to understand the glory and majesty of the gospel, to be so excited and overflowing with joy that even their sternest critics notice the change in the way they live.
Price $8.95
Please send me:-   Copies of "God's Workmanship"


Discovering God's Will
by Sinclair Ferguson
The assurance that we are in the centre of God's purposes brings lasting stability to our experience. But how do we discover the will of God for our lives? Sinclair Ferguson answers this question by showing how God's will is shaped byhis ultimate purpose for us. It is made know to us through His word.
Price $ 9.95
Please send me:-   Copies of "Discovering God's Will"
Waiting on God.
Andrew Murray
How often the "busyness" of life can creep up and overwhelm us. Rather than depending on our own strength, as Christians it is our privileged birthright to enter into a daily time of reverent meditation and silence, waiting only upon God for: His answers to our problems, His direction in our lives, and most importantly, His awesome presence refreshing our spirits and teaching us more about himself.

Price $ 4.95
Please send me:-   Copies of "God's Workmanship"


A Primer On Free Will. By John Gerstner.
Are our choices based on free will? An intriguing dialogue illustrates how an individual may be brought from bondage to sin to a conscious commitment to Christ.
Price $4.00.
Please send me:-   Copies of "A Primer On Free Will."
A Summary of Christian Doctrine
by Louis Berkhof
Systematically aranged and helpfully sub-divided, "A Summary of Christian Doctrine" has proved ideal for study-groups, Passages for memorizationand questions for Review at the close of each chapter enhance the books value for the Student.
Price $5.95.
Please send me:-   Copies of "A Summary of Christian Doctrine"

The Milk of The Word
By Peter Barnes
An Introduction to the Christian Faith
This is a book which will be found of great value to all who have a heart-Hunger for the knowledge of God.
Chapter Titles:
The Word of God; The Triune God;
Jesus Christ;
God and Man;
The Atonement;
The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit.
Price $15.50
Please send me:-   Copies of "The Milk of The Word"

The Apostles Creed. - George M. Philip.
In an age of confusion and uncertainty,it is important that Christians should know what they believe - - -. To understand the Creed is to understand what motivated and inspired the early Christians. This in turn will help us to recapture their vision today.
Price $7.00

Please send me:-The Apostles Creed.

The Reformed Faith. - Shaw.
An Exposition of The Westminster Confession.
Price $22.00

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Confessions of Saint Augustine
Through reading Augustine's autobiography, readers will discover a sense of the emotional intensity with which Augustine lived his life as well as how he obtained his spiritual growth and unshakeable faith.
Price: $5.95.

Please send me:-copies of Confessions of Augustine.

Women in the Church_and Other Vital issues.
By Ray Cameron Smith
(Teenage - Adult)
Women in the Church
Demon Possesion
Feeding Sheep or Amusing Goats
Saturday or Sunday
Price $3-50
Please send me:-copies of Women in the Church

The Best Friend- A selection:
By Ray Cameron Smith
(Teenage - Adult)
The Best Friend
Nothing Left for You to Do
The Two Ways
Christ's Invitation
The Judgement Day
Price $3-00
Please send me:-copies of The Best Friend.

Other Books by Ray Cameron Smith.


Islam in Our Backyard
by Tony Payne.
Part Novel part essay-which goes behind the media stereotypes to examine what Islam is really about. It also tackles the bigger questions: Who is God really? Is it possible to know? Can Christianity and Islam both be right? Does religious truth have any place in our public culture?
Price $20.00.
Please send me:-    copies of: Islam in our Backyard.


Passing the Baton.
by Colin Marshall.
After the Gospel itself, the greatest need of the Christian Church is to keep finding and training people who will faithfully teach the Bible to both Christians and non-Christians.
This handbook is about recruiting godly, ministry-hearted Christians, placing them under the guiding hand of an experienced minister, and giving them a two year experience of working for a church or related ministry.

Price $31.95.
Please send me:-    copies of: Passing the Baton.

Setting Hearts on Fire.
by John Chapman.
With over 40 years of Experience, John Chapman is well qualified to write a book on the subject of preparing evangelistic talks. He shows you step-by-step how to prepare and deliver a talk that clearly explains the gospel of Jesus, suitable for delivering in a specific context.
Price $23.00.
Please send me:-    copies of: Setting Hearts on Fire.

The New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible

Price $32-70

Please send me:-copies of Strong's Concordance

Matthew Henry's Commentary

Commentary Unabridged, one volume.
Price $59-95

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The Reformers and the Theology of The Reformation.
By William Cunningham
Price $24-00.

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Heroes & Heretics
By Ian D Campbell.
For the Christian, history is rich with meaning because we believe in a God who is intimately involved with his creation. Throughout time we see God's sovereign, caring and chastising hand at work to bring about the spread of the gospel and then the recreation of a new universe. One that will once more be in balance and sin is banished to plague us no more. If God is real, and involved, then history bears his fingerprints. Many people profess to be ignorant of church history but to remain so is to be ignorant of God. So many problems we face are eased by the lessons of history, especially church history. If we ignore history then we can't see what God is doing! Iain Campbell has set out a lively and absorbing summary of history, one century at a time. The result entices you into the great sweeping themes of history that show God at work through his church. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said that "It is always essential for us to supplement our reading of theology with the reading of church history... If we do not, we shall be in danger of becoming abstract, theoretical and academic in our view of truth; and, failing to relate it to the practicalities of life and daily living, we shall soon be in trouble."


Please send me:-copies of Heroes & Heretics.

Calvin and the Biblical Languages.
By John Currid.
The church today is built on the Reformation's linguistic heritage yet is in danger of losing that strong foundation. Many seminaries no longer require that their students learn the Biblical languages for their divinity degrees - some do not even teach them! Yet these are the basic tools of any study of the Bible, and if we don't teach the Bible, then what is the church teaching? If we need encouragement as to what can happen to our sermons and Bible study when we develop a knowledge of the languages that they are written in then Calvin is an excellent encourager. John Currid shows us how Calvin used a knowledge of the Biblical languages to provide richness, depth and accuracy to his understanding of scripture - and his exposition of it. If you want to develop a deeper ability to understand and explain God's Word then let the two John's guide you!


Please send me:-copies of Calvin and the Biblical Languages.

Learning About the Old Testament.
By Allan Harman.
How does the Old Testament relate to your faith? Is it just a repository of thrilling stories and strange rules which have been superceded by the New Testament? Or is it a source of guidance and learning that gives us a vibrant Christian life? Allan Harman here explains many different aspects of the Old Testament, particularly the importance of covenant in God's relations with humanity. This is seen at Creation, and with Noah and Abraham. He also covers the history of Israel, looking at the exodus and the covenant instituted at Sinai. In particular, he shows how the Messiah is anticipated. Surveys are also given of what it meant to be a ruler or king in Israel as well as a prophet and a poet.

Please send me:-copies of Learning About the Old Testament.

The New Thematic Concordance
By Geoffery Stoner.

The Bible is a big book - how do you find things in it? A concordance can be a really useful tool to help you but most just list words - so what happens if the word you are looking for doesn't come from the translation that the concordance is for? One answer to the problem is a Topical Bible Concordance. If you know the subject you want to study then a Topical Bible Concordance shows you where in the Bible that subject or theme is developed.
Do you want to know what the Bible says about 'Homosexuality'? Look it up under 'H' and this book will then tell you where to go in the Bible. Sounds useful doesn't it? Before long you will find that The New Thematic Concordance is an indispensable tool.
This Concordance is published in partnership with Preachers' Help, an organisation that working with an ever- increasing number of other Christian organisations concerned about the lack of Biblical resources for pastors and preachers in developing countries.


Please send me:-copies of The New Thematic Concordance.

Christ in All the Scriptures.
By A M Hodgkin

If we want to learn about Jesus Christ our first port of call is usually the Gospels. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John tell us about Jesus' life on earth, but if we think that Christ can only be found in those four precious books then we are missing out on the big picture.
As the title suggests this book shows that the message and life of Christ runs through every part of Scripture. In the Old Testament we have prophecies of his coming and parallels of his sacrificial life, in the New Testament we have the realisation of Christ as the Messiah and the impact that this is going to have on the individual believer and the entire World.
In this classic book, we are shown the breadth of impact of the Christ. Every book of the Bible is touched on, and we are shown that the Bible stands as a whole, a planned, inspired and flawless whole with a constant thread of God's rescue plan for mankind, rather than a disparate mosaic of books on unconnected issues.


Please send me:-copies of Christ in All the Scriptures.

Such a Great Salvation.
By Alan Stibbs.

"No-one in his generation did more to help people, and especially students, to understand the Bible, to love the Bible and to obey it. His memorial is in many lives and in many pulpits throughout the world."
So declared the Inter­Varsity Fellowship annual report on the death in July 1971 of Alan Stibbs who, for more than thirty years, exercised an influential ministry as a Bible expositor and cogent teacher of Christian doctrine. After returning from the mission field in China in the mid­1930s, he played a significant part in the resurgence of conservative evangelicalism in Britain after World War Two ­ alongside other leaders like Martyn Lloyd­Jones and John Stott.
From Oak Hill College in north London, Stibbs aimed to revive biblical preaching and biblical thinking across the country. His powerful sermons made a profound impact upon countless congregations and his pithy writings helped to stimulate the rebirth of a robust evangelical theology.
In this volume, eighteen of Alan Stibbs' best and most enduring shorter writings are brought together. They cover themes such as the cross of Christ, justification by faith, the inspiration of Scripture, the priority of preaching, the nature of the church, and the role of the sacraments.


Please send me:-copies of Such a Great Salvation.

Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi. ­ Focus on the Bible
By: John L MacKay
The ministry of Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi is a record of how God deals with people he has restored as they try to translate their basic loyalty to him into practical action. Restoring their temple and the physical trappings of their ravaged kingdom was not an end in itself. God was, and is, primarily interested in obedient minds and wills in people who have a heart for God.

Please send me:-copies of Haggai, Zechariah & Malachi.

Galatians - Focus on the Bible
By: Joseph A. Pipa, Jr.
The glorious doctrine of justification by faith far exceeds even the great charters of freedom and liberty which we have seen throughout history. This doctrine is expounded by the apostle Paul whose letter this is and in it we see the key themes of his theology expounded. Joseph Pipa, an able Biblical expositor committed to the inerrancy of Scripture, brings this important letter with practical lessons for the church of every age alive for us.
$ 14.00.

Please send me:-copies of Galatians.

The Lamb Wins    By Richard Bewes
A Guided Tour through the book of Revelation.

Please send me:- copies of The Lamb Wins.

Authorised version Bible:

Westminster Reference Bible

More than 80,000 references
Concordance and Maps
Various other Bible Study Helps
Leather Bound

Colour: Black. Page Size: 153mm X 215mm.

A high quality Bible from the Trinitarian Bible Society

Price $76-50

Please send me:-copies of The Westminster Reference Bible.

To download a copy of the TBS catalogue please Trinitarian Bible Society catalogueClick on the catalogue image.


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