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We Acknowledge the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed and the Athanasian Creed (with explanations,) as basic statements relating to the Christian Faith and that the Westminster Confession of Faith  (with notes) is a more detailed statement of the Christian Faith but that overriding all statements made by men the Holy Scriptures translated from the received texts, ( Masoretic Hebrew text of the Old Testament and the Textus Receptus Greek of the New Testament ) are the Word of God by which all matters of faith, living and doctrine must be determined.

Worship Service Arrangements If God Wills.

For 8th Month 2020

There August be some changes to this program this month so please check regularly for any changes which August occur.

  • 23rd August 2020.:
    Service at  2684 Murgon Gayndah Road
    Windera Qld.
    9:30am Worship.
    Morning Tea after the service.

  • 30th August 2019:
    Service at  2684 Murgon Gayndah Road
    Windera Qld.
    9:30am Worship.
    Morning Tea after the service.

This Month

If you wish to join us in worship by phone please contact us before hand.  Last minute changes can take place.

Please Contact us if you would like to join with us or receive recorded sermons, Bible studies, would like to talk to us or are looking for a church in which to be involved.

Email Address:* Required so I can contact you.

Supply preaching by arrangement.


Below will be placed from time to time Hymn singing and Recorded Sermons which you August find helpful.

These August be used for personal or public use provided that sound copyright is acknowledged. Sound copyright will be either The Drew Family, Grahame Drew, or other speakers or groups as indicated.
Hymns used are acceptable for use in the public domain.

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These files are in mp3 format. You will need to have an MP3 program on your computer to be able to play these recordings.

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Hymns 25-4-2004


MP3 and Ogg Vorbis Recorded sermons


MP3 and Ogg Vorbis Recorded sermons:


Recorded Sermons: Topics


     Genesis 1:1 MP3

     Romans 1:1 MP3

     Gods-Rest-Day MP3

     Genesis 1:3-5 MP3

     Romans 1:2-3 MP3

     God's Day Ogg Vorbis File

     Genesis 1:3-5 Ogg Vorbis

     Romans 1:2-3 Ogg Vorbis

     The Lords Day

     Genesis 1:6-8 MP3

     Romans 1:3-7 MP3


     Genesis 1:9-10 MP3

     Romans 1:8-15 MP3

     Ruth 1 MP3

    Genesis 1:11-13 MP3

    Romans 1:8-15 Ogg Vorbis

Ruth 2 MP3

     Genesis 1:14-19 MP3

     Romans 1:16-17 MP3


      Genesis 1:20-25 MP3

     Romans 1:18-32 MP3

       Luke 2:8-20 MP3

     Genesis 1:26-28 MP3 Man in The Image of God.

     Romans 2:1-16 MP3


     Genesis 1:26-28 Ogg Vorbis

     Romans 2:17-29 MP3


      Genesis 2:2-3 MP3

Romans 3:19-31 Ogg Vorbis.


     Genesis 2:4-6 MP3

     Romans 4 MP3



     Romans 4 Ogg Vorbis



     Romans 5:12-21. MP3



     Romans 6:1-11. MP3



     Romans 7:1-6. MP3



     Romans 7:7-13. MP3



     Romans 7:14-8:1. MP3



     Romans 8:5-8



     Romans 8:9-12



     Romans 8:12-17



     Romans 8:18








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