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The Time is at Hand   by George D Smith , (premill)
(Small paperback, published 1922, some external deterioration but is complete)

The Unpardonable Sin   by Rev Wm. P. Nicholson
(Paper tract some deterioration of cover.)

To Shew Thyself Approved   by R A Torrey
(Small, No cover)

The Way The Living Bible  Tyndale House Publishers
(Paperback dogeard)

The Greatest is Love The Living Bible New Testament   World Home Bible League publication
(Paperback, some mould, cover only just holding)

The Plain Man Looks at The Lord's Prayer   by William Barclay

What Saith The Scripture? Questions of Interpretation, faith, and practice.  by C. F. Hogg
(Medium hardcover, some external deterioration but is complete)

His Touch Has Still it's Ancient Power   by T.B. Rees
(Small hardcover, some external deterioration but is complete)

Modern Discoveries of Science   by B. C, Young
(Small hardcover, some external deterioration, and cover coming apart, but is complete, published 1886)

The Third Book of Artimas Concerning men, and the things that men did do, in the times of war and peace   Author unknown
(Small hardcover, fifth edition, published 1919.)

History Pulls Down The Blinds   by Rev Howard Guinness
(Thin paperback, published 1951)

Bright Day   by J. B. Priestly
( Hardcover, published 1948)

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