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Are you home schooling and find that people do not understand why you want a better education for your children than what is possible through regular schooling?

Maybe you want to make contact with other home schoolers or maybe you want help with problems or with obtaining resources.

In time I hope to build up a series of useful links and resources to help home schoolers.

Southern Cross Educational Enterprises (A.C.E. Materials)

Australian Christian Academy

14 Combarton St Brendale, QLD, 4500 (07) 3881 5767

Home Schooling Legal Defence Association.

For Assistance with Education, Advice, Tutoring, Home Schooling assistance, Learning English as a Second Language, External Studies, go to Logos Educational Services.

Home school through: Riverside Christian College

Creation Fact Files.

Creation Research.

Answers In Genesis"

Education Choices.

Education Department in Queensland.

Queensland Government: Home Schooling in Queensland.

Home Schoolers Score High in Socialisation.

Correspondence piano, violin and music theory lessons.