Piano Lessons Over Distance

   Ruth Drew ATCL, a piano tutor from south-east Queensland, has been sharing the joys of piano learning with students from a number of different regions of Australia. If you would like more information on learning the piano over the phone, please contact Ruth Drew:

Phone (Australia) 07 4168 6127

Phone (International): 61 7 41 686 127.

How does it WorkAt the arranged times, students ring Ruth Drew for twice-weekly lessons. Ruth Drew demonstrates pieces, playing them over the phone, while the student listens, and follows along, in his or her own copy of the sheet music. Ruth then assesses the student's own rendition, giving encouragement and advice to help strengthen the student's understanding and enjoyment of the music. 

     Before beginning lessons, please make sure you have a piano or keyboard in good working order that you can use. If you do not already have an instrument, contact Ruth for advice.   When lesson timeslots are available, a quote on lesson fees can be provided on inquiry. The fee is based on the student's probable study level in music, and the amount of lesson-preparation time estimated, as well as on the availability of timeslots.


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