Ghosts of the Past.

Watch N0 5

Watch No 5. has a cylinder escapement, the enamel dial has
brief floral designs at the twelve, three, six and nine positions. The Roman
numeral numbering is in a maroon colour. The glass has some cracks in it
but is holding firmly in the bezel. The case has some surface rusting
particularly on the back.
The top of the Upper crown wheel screw has broken off, (That
holds one of the gears for the winding mechanism.) but should be able to be
extracted and replaced by a good watchmaker.
With a good overhaul I would expect that it would be
possible that it should go. I expect that it is over 100 years old but does
not appear to show any noticeable wear.
The mainspring has been in the fully wound position for many
years so may have lost some of it's tension.
Not many watchmakers today would be familiar with cylinder
escapement watches so it would be important to check out a few reputable watchmakers as to what they might charge to get it going.

They wouldn't be able to quote accurately without examining it but may be able to give you a rough guide. I would recommend that as a basic qualification any
watchmaker you took it to should be a member of the Horological Guild.
Should the cylinder become damaged through the watch being dropped or knocked
against something you would need a very competent watchmaker to repair it.

Price $40.00 Australian plus freight.

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